Video Monitoring in Utah and Salt Lake City

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Traditional security cameras are most typically used as a reactive security measure.  This means that after a crime has been committed, camera footage is reviewed to determine the who, what, and when.  Sometimes there is useful video, but the majority of the time the video that is captured cannot be used to find or prosecute the criminals.  In reality you paid for a system to watch yourself get robbed. 

A proactive approach would be to have someone watching the video who takes action when illegal or unwanted activity occurs.  The main problem with this approach is cost.  It could cost as much as $200/day to pay a live person to watch a few cameras, and this person would still likely miss events.   A better approach would be for the camera and recording system to analyze the video and determine when unwanted activity is occuring.  The system would alert someone in real time so the activity could be stopped prior to a major loss.  While it seams simple enough, most systems currently available do not have this capability. Most systems have simple motion detection that works to limit the video recording, but would trigger far too many false positives to be useful for live monitoring.

The answer is Intelligent Video Analytics. It is availble now. You get guard level security at a fraction of the cost. If you have a difficult security situation this may be the solution.

Procom Security is changing the way security cameras are used. We have recently partnered with VideoIQ as a local dealer for their intelligent video cameras.  VideoIQ cameras use video analytics to intelligently “watch” the scene.  The changing pixels are analyzed and classified as a car, a human, or other movement.  You can then create rules to determine the types of activity you want to record.  You can also determine what events should not take place and our 24 hour monitoring center will respond.  A live gaurd will connect to the camera and monitor suspicious activty and then alert you, police, or armed gaurds to respond to the scene when necessary. These cameras can even be combined with 2 way voice response.  When suspicious activity is detected, our live dispatcher will connect to a speaker/mic at the site and verbally warn indivduals to exit the property.

The future of video surveillance is here!