IP Video in Utah and Salt Lake City

IP security cameras are gradually replacing traditional analog CCTV systems as the standard for security video applications. To date, the biggest factor in not using IP cameras on most installations is the cost. When high image resolution is a strict requirement, IP cameras are a must. You should seriously consider an IP solution if any of the following apply:

-You demand a high resolution picture
-You are trying to view a large area
-You have your own IT department that can manage IP devices
-You need 10 or more cameras right now, but you may need more than 20 in the future
-You have multiple locations
-You need or are required to archive your video for long periods of time
-You want offsite secure video backup

This video compares an IP camera with an Analog camera.

Here are still images taken from an Arecont Vision 5 MegaPixel Camera (one of our favorites) at different resolutions to demonstrate the power and value of Megapixel IP Cameras:

Standard Analog Resolution (click to enlarge for best comparison)

1.3 Megapixel Resolution







2 Megapixel Resolution








5 Megapixel Resolution!