“Burglar Alarm Company” is a regulated trade in the state of Utah. The Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL)  requires every individual working in the sales or installation of alarm systems be licensed.  As part of this licensing process, Procom Security employees have undergone a state and federal criminal back ground check. No individual with a criminal record may be employed in the burglar alarm industry in the State of Utah.

Any individual with a history of drug abuse or drug related convictions will not be considered for employment. Procom Security employees are subject to periodic random drug testing as a condition of employment.

Procom Security technicians are full-time professionals.  This is not a summer job between college semesters.  In addition to hundreds of hours of training and years of hands on experience, Procom technicians receive continuing education as a requirement for licensing renewals.

Procom Security Utah License # 5568244-6501

Verify Procom’s Alarm Company License (from DOPL)

Procom Security has A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)