The Procom Difference

PROCOM takes care of business and at the end of the day we put our money where our mouth is with a rock solid 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Many national companies don’t actually have a local presence in Utah. If your alarm system needs service you have to call a corporate office out of state. A service ticket is created and gets sent to a local service company in Utah. This process results in a long delay from your help request until the problem is solved. Compare that to Procom Security. You call our local office and a technician is dispatched to your location within 24 hours, and in most cases the same day.

Most local alarm companies sell your contract to the national companies. So while you may think you are getting service through a local company, your account will actually be purchased and controlled from out of state. The company that installed your system gets paid upfront for their work and has no ongoing interest to service your system.

Procom Security is different. Procom will never sell your alarm contract. The same company you pay for your monthly service is going to fix your system when it needs service.  That means we have an incentive to make sure you get great service. We guarantee the best customer service experience in the security industry. Our customers appreciate:

  •  24 Hour UL Listed Monitoring from our central station located right here in Utah
  • Flexible contract options including no contract options
  • No credit checks
  • Low monthly rates
  • Authorized Honeywell Security Equipment Dealer
  • Technicians onsite within 24 hours of your service request
  • Personalized customer support

The 9 PROCOM Rock Solid Guarantees:

  1. Quote Price Integrity – The price you are quoted for your security needs will not change, unless you request additions or changes to the quote.
  2. 153% Satisfaction Guarantee – We offer a full, unconditional refund of your installation fee and removal of our equipment from your premises if within 12 months after installation you are dissatisfied with our security system or service. We’ll also throw in a $50 gift certificate to the Texas Roadhouse (or restaurant of your choice) for the inconvenience that we put you through.
  3. We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is – We are extremely dedicated to protecting all of our clients, therefore, we offer you $500.00 for any loss incurred, by your home or business, if an undetected forced-entry occurs and the proper authority is not notified.
  4. 12-Month “No Weasel Clauses” and “No Hassle” Guarantee – We offer a one-year, complete “bumper-to-bumper” service warranty for your new security system. That means the parts, labor, travel and even gasoline is on us.
  5. Fanatical Emergency Service Guarantee – Within 2 hours of your emergency service request, in our normal service area. We will pay you $50.00 (or a $50 gift certificate of your choice) if we do not respond in this time frame. (Emergency Service Call Rates Apply)
  6. Round-the-Clock Equipment Protection – if we need to remove equipment for repair, we will not leave your system inoperable. We’ll install loaner equipment to keep your system up-and-running.
  7. False Alarm Fine Guarantee – If you receive a false alarm fine due to our monitoring company dispatch and not caused by you, your personnel, the telephone company or an Act of God, we will represent you in getting the fine null and voided or will pay the fine out of our own pocket.
  8. Procom’s Done Right the First Time – When we install, upgrade or service your security system, you will NEVER pay for an installation or service call two times. We firmly believe in doing the job right the very first time. If we have to return to fix the same problem then you don’t pay a dime!
  9. Procom’s Mission Critical Security Services – We guarantee you have round-the-clock security UP-time! Have you ever paid a security integrator to install a system…then paid him to fix it…then paid him to fix it again? While our competitors profit two or three times for “emergency service work,” we ensure it doesn’t happen in the first place! If we specified, installed and maintain your system, and it ever goes down as a result our fault, oversight or error, then there is no charge for the time, material, gas…heck, we’ll even throw in a pizza… to bring you back up and running and prevent the problem from occurring again.

We strongly urge you to call around and see if any other security dealers offer you such guarantees. If not, then don’t give them your money!

So, if you want your security system to be trouble-free, if you want to be treated honestly with respect and dignity, if you want top-notch installations and services at a fair price – all backed by an unmatched “Rock-Solid Guarantee” – then please request our free 32 Point Security Audit today!


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