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So… how much does it cost?  3 easy ways to find out!


1. Call us and get a quote over the phone 801-770-SAFE (7233)

2. Call us and schedule an onsite consultation 801-770-SAFE (7233)

3. Use our free automated quote tool to have a quote emailed directly to you instantly CLICK HERE 

Procom Security is one of the only companies to offer an automated quote tool.  We understand that many potential customers want to get more information before they have a company come to their home for a consultation.  In most cases we can give you a better price when we actually visit your site, but our automated system is a great tool to get an estimated cost.   If you feel like your property does not fit our automated system we would love to discuss it with you over the phone so don’t hesitate to call. We do not bite and will never try to hard sell you. Our approach is very relaxed. We give you a written quote and ask you when we should follow up.

 Click Here for the automated quote system