Camera Surveillance Systems in Utah and Salt Lake City



Choosing the right installation company for your security camera project can be a confusing and frustrating task.  There are hundreds of factors that make up the cost of the final product and finding the right combination to fit your budget is not easy.  Here is a short list of things to consider…

The Company:

  • Find out how long the company has been in business.
  • Research how they rate online – Google reviews and BBB, other online rankings
  • Review a list of projects the company has completed and make sure they have experience with a similar project
  • Interview some of the past clients who have had the system installed for 2-3 years
  • Warranty – the installation warranty is only as good as the company.  They can give you a 10 year warranty but if they are not in business, it does you no good

The Products:

  • Ask about the manufacturers and brand they use – do some research online.  There are many unbranded products that are difficult to get support on.  If the company you choose is not around to service the system, will you be stuck with a system that can’t be serviced?
  • Warranty – consider the warranty from the manufacturer.
  • GET A DEMO!!  You need to see the system in action.  You would not buy a car without a test drive and you need to test drive the camera system.  Have the company show you the process to retrieve saved video and then export it to a jump drive and try to play it back on another computer.  With many systems this is a lengthy and difficult process.  The best systems make this easy and we all need easy!  You don’t need to be pulling your hair out after a break in and struggling with your camera system.
  • Physically look at the products and make sure they seem to be good quality.  Many cameras feel and look cheap – guess what? they probably are cheap

The Installation:

  • The installation will have a big effect on the longevity of the system so it is important to demand the best
  • Make sure you are OK with the methods the company plans to use.  Ask about exposed wire and if wire will be installed in conduit or not.  Find out if wire will be accessible to someone trying to cut the wires or attack the system
  • Make sure the installers are drug tested and back ground checked.  In Utah anyone can install security cameras.  If the company does not install Burglar Alarm systems there is a chance their installers may have a criminal back ground – not the kind of guys you want installing security on your business or home
  • Make sure you agree on a timeline for start and completion

The Process:

  • Don’t be pressured into making a decision no matter how low cost the system is
  • Get 2-3 bids from the same provider to see a range of products and prices – good, better, best
  • Make sure you get it in writing.  If you want to see license plates and faces, make sure the provider will put it in writing.  Many people just trust that an HD camera will get them the resolution they need and are disappointed with the final result
  • Ask for a detailed layout that shows the camera viewing angles as well as the expected resolution.  Procom Security performs a detailed analysis for all clients so that you can be confident of the final result

camera plan