I’d definitely recommend you.

  • “Procom – you guys are great! We’re on our second home using your service. I’d definitely recommend you. Great service + affordable price = Winner!” Rachel Connett, NSL, UT

    I’d definitely recommend you.
  • You guys are incrdible! Thank you for going the extra mile in getting our new house all decked out. William Sandberg, Farmington, UT

    Thank you for going the extra mile
  • Your technician Shawn was here right at 9:00 a.m. as scheduled! That is a huge plus.  He was professional, neat, knowledgeable and very friendly. Great Service! Sierra Nord – Nord Orthodontics

    Great Service! On Time!
  • We’ve had Procom for over three years now and are happy to stay with them, even though our contract ran out over 6 months ago.  Anytime we’ve had an alarm, we’ve received a call within less than a minute, and their installers were prompt, polite, and knowledgeable.  We’ll be customers as long as we’re living in this area. Britt Hawk.,  Salt Lake City, UT

    Their installers were prompt, polite, and knowledgeable
  • I have been with PROCOM Security for more than 5 years.  I would reccomend this company to anyone that is looking for a GREAT alarm company.  They service the alarms for everyone in our family and including our cabin in the mountains.  Service calls have been few and far between, but always answered in a very professional manner and with urgency and care to address any issues.  I can’t say enough good about our experience and felt it was important to tell everyone that you will not be sorry if you use PROCOM for your alarm needs.  Kevin Larsen.  Murray UT

    You will not be sorry if you use PROCOM
  • I have been with Procom Security for 4 years and we have been very pleased with their professional service. They took the time to teach us about different types of alarm systems. They brought examples of equipment with them so we could see what the different types of devices looked like. They explained that some companies install “all-in-one” systems which are dangerous because a burglar could easily disable the system. They warned that any system with an overly large keypad was likely this variety. The system we had installed is very robust. The control circuits are locked in a steel box in our basement. Because we have an unfinished basement they were able to hardwire the entire system. There are no boxes by the doors like other people I have seen with systems and also no batteries to replace. The system has functioned perfectly. The few times we have accidently triggered the system, we received a call in about 30 seconds. We recently called to ask about a smoke sensor and they offered to add one for free because we were “valued customers” We are 100% satisfied. Anonymous Submission from AlarmSystemReviews.com

    We have been very pleased
  • We have been with Procom for about 2 years. Our alarm is working great.  Just wanted to say thank you to Procom Security for the tech support we had on our system after changing phone companies recently. We’ve had such disasterous experiences with customer service on everything from our windows to the water heater. Procom has been a refreshing break from the norm.  We’ll be with Procom as long as we have jobs and a house. Dave Matagi.  SLC, Utah

    Thank You Procom
  • I have been very impressed with Procom from the first phone call to the installation and beyond. There were no  high pressure sales tactics which I appreciated. All of my questions  and concerns were treated seriously and respectfully which is more  than I can say about some competitors. I was very impressed with the  whole process and the prices are also great. I had a neighbor who  asked about which security company we were using and she added  Procom to her list of companies to interview. She interviewed a few  but also went with Procom and went on an on about how impressed she  was with Procom. She had Procom install a system a week later.  I have already referred several people to Procom and feel 100%  satisfied with my choice for an alarm company! Harry Rodas. Orem UT

    100% Satisfied with Procom