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Rob Schmidt Body & Paint

January 04, 2013  |   CCTV,Some Procom Clients   |     |   0 Comment

Rob Schmidt Body & Paint Rob Schmidt wanted the best CCTV system quality and value so he called Procom Security. One of his main concerns was just keeping an eye on things while he was away. He wanted to make sure his crew was taking care of business. Procom installed a high quality CCTV system featuring internal and external cameras. We got to know Rob and his team better and quickly became impressed with the quality of their custom work. We were so impressed that we scheduled with Rob to bring in our new van to have it custom wrapped by their team of professionals. Not only are these guys great at what they do they are good guys. While we were there they were throwing a big customer appreciation party and had it catered with amazing food. They would not let us leave without having lunch. As with every camera system we install, the system was configured for remote access from a variety of mobile devices. Now Rob can take some much needed time off without the whole shop taking time off!

Chalk Garden Co-Op

January 04, 2013  |   CCTV,Commercial Alarm System,Some Procom Clients   |     |   0 Comment

Chalk Garden Co-Op Chalk Garden Co-op is a unique and very cool business (actually businesses). Procom was chosen as the security contractor for this flagship location next to City Creek on 74 South Main Street in Salt Lake City, UT. This location was an old bank and they have maintained some of the original artifacts. The dressing rooms are the original bank vaults. Next time you are at City Creek or downtown stop by and tell them you heard about them from their alarm company Procom.

The wAIRhouse

November 27, 2012  |   CCTV,Some Procom Clients   |     |   0 Comment

The wAIRhouse Utah's newest trampoline park is now open.  This place is very cool!  Procom has installed megapixel security cameras and a full burglar alarm system that covers every square inch of the facility.  This type of business has high liability concerns and the security cameras are part of an overall strategy to reduce injury liability.  Crime is also a concern and the security cameras will serve to deter and prosecute crime when necessary.

Megapixel Camera Installation

May 23, 2012  |   CCTV,Some Procom Clients   |     |   0 Comment

Megapixel Camera Installation Procom technicians recentlly completed phase 1 of a large megapixal surveillance system in Salt Lake City, UT.  The system includes 5-8 megapixel Arecont cameras. These cameras have the ability to capture clear license plate images of all vehicles entering the premises.  The system also includes VideoIQ cameras that use inteilligent analytics and rule based programming to alert 24 hour live monitoring personell of any suspiscious behavior on the premises.

City of Roy Aquatic Center

June 17, 2011  |   CCTV,Some Procom Clients   |     |   0 Comment

City of Roy Aquatic Center The city of Roy Utah contracted Procom Security to install 8 Pelco pan tilt zoom Spectra IV speed domes on their aquatic center. There was an existing system in place, but there were large gaps in coverage and the storage capacity was not adequate.   In addition to limiting liability from slip and falls and drownings, the cameras are also a deterrent to would be thieves.  The project was completed on time and Roy City officials were impressed with the quality compared to the previous installation at the facility

Old Beehive Manufacturing Building

Old Beehive Manufacturing Building LRF Development recently purchased the old Beehive Manufacturing building in Sandy Utah and did an extensive remodel to convert it to manufacturing, R&D, and office space for 2 local businesses.  Procom Security was selected as the security and fire integrator.  Extensive access control was added including an automated gate.  Security was enhanced by adding internal and external megapixel IP cameras.  The traditional intrusion alarm was upgraded.  The fire alarm reconditioned, repaired, and tested.

Semi Service Installation

June 16, 2011  |   CCTV,Commercial Alarm System,Some Procom Clients   |     |   0 Comment

Semi Service Installation Procom Security worked closely with Semi Service Inc. to design and implement a security and automation system.  Semi service previously had 3 location and had been with Peak Alarm for 20+ years.  In 2010 Semi Service completed their brand new 150,000 square foot facility in Salt Lake City and Procom was chosen as the system integrator to complete the project.  In addition to traditional intrusion alarm, Procom worked with HVAC contractors to automate the building's heating and cooling systems. The security/automation panel also controls lighting.  Procom Security now monitors and maintains all of Semi Service's security needs.